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With MVP second baseman Dustin Pedroia out with a broken foot, both Jed Lowrie and Bill Hall have been able to get some starts at second base. And in the recent series in LA against the Angels, both players impact was certainly felt.


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Tuesday night against the Angels, Lowrie was callen upon to make the start at second base. Recently coming back from a very long stint on the DL, Lowrie was able to contribute to the team, adding two RBI’s on a double that scored Darnell McDonald and Marco Scutaro.


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But yesterday afternoon, Bill Hall was called upon to make the start, his 22nd of the year at second base. And also like Lowrie, was able to contribute, hitting his 12th homer of the year in the second inning, extending the Sox’s lead to two/


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But with Pedroia expected to make his return in as little as two weeks, and Lowell expected to come back very shortly, roster spots will be limited as well as starts for both Lowrie and Hall. Hopefully when Pedroia makes his return, like the two men who stood in for him, will be able to make an immediate impact.



And speaking of impact, look at Adrian Beltre, who has been of the most consistent players on the Red Sox. Also hitting a home run in yesterday’s game, one of the team’s four, his 17th of the year. Playing stellar in his first (and hopefully not his last) year as a Red Sock, the Sox are certainly happy with his play this year. Hitting .332 so far this year, he has the highest average on the team, ahead of Youkilis who is hitting .308.




But unfortunately for the Red Sox, both the Rays and the Yanks won, so the Sox are still behind the Yanks 7 games and still stuck at 5 games back in the Wild Card race. But A-Rod’s still stuck at #599, so the win is not all bad news. He did have a good game though, going 2 for 5 with one RBI in the 8-0 win over the Indians.




And I thought I’d give a Johnny Damon update. In last night’s game against the Rays, he hit a solo home run off Jeff Niemann in the third inning. And we can’t forget that he’ll be returning to his old home field, Fenway Park for a three game series. Join in now for a chorus of boos. I’m sure he’ll get a huge hoard of them.




The booing of Johnny Damon reminds me of the booing of John Lackey while playing the Angels. Come on Angels fans, did you forget 2002? He won the World Series for you. That is one gift that cannot be replaced. He did a lot for the franchise, and all you can do is boo? Good job, way to thank him.


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But good thing for Lackey, he has some great supporters in Red Sox Nation.




Sweep in Place as Red Sox win 7-3

With Josh Beckett going for his first win since April 10th against the Kansas City Royals, the Red Sox certainly kept that in mind, going long four times, including a grand slam by Marco Scutaro that broke the game wide open.


Giving up only 3 runs, Beckett became one of many injured players showing they are ready to come back and push for a spot in the postseason. Joining the likes of Buchholz, who went seven innings in his start against the Angels, Beckett got the win and beat the injury that took him out before. Backing up Beckett was the offense of the Sox, who hit four home runs, one apiece for Adrian Beltre, Bill Hall, Kevin Youkilis, and a grand slam for Marco Scutaro.

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Hitting a changeup out of the park, losing pitcher Francisco Rodney put the Angels in place to be swept, the first time at home in 80 consecutive series, only behind the record of 84 held by the Braves from ’03 to ’06.



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With a day off today, the Red Sox will go back to Boston on Friday to play the Tigers for the first series of their homestand. Hopefully coming back as soon as tomorrow, Mike Lowell will be anticipated to make his return sometime this weekend.




Other game notes:

– Francisco Rodney had two consecutive K’s in the 3rd inning, getting both Hermida and Hall

– Scot Shields made his first start since 2003

– Shields was a late scratch in for Joel Pineiro who strained his oblique



Josh Beckett Goes for Sweep

The Red Sox have seen the Angels six times this season, and has not lost lost against them yet. With Beckett on the mound going for the sweep against Joel Pineiro, it is the battle of the righties.


With Beckett going just 5 2/3 innings last start, the Sox are hoping they can get more out of him. With both Buccholz and Lackey going deep into their games, Beckett hopes to do the same and bring the sweep back to Boston. In good news, Mike Lowell is making significant progress and could be activated as early as Friday.


With 3 home runs in his last rehab game in Pawtucket, Lowell has shown that he is ready to come back and contribute to the team. Pedroia is expected to miss around two more weeks and Varitek is still on crutches and behind Pedroia in his progress.


Lackey Beats Boos As He Wins his 10th

So far in the month of July, John Lackey has gone winless. And yes, the Red Sox have gone along that route too. Slowed by injuries, the Sox have begun to find their form as John Lackey got his tenth win in July as the Red Sox beat the Angels 4-2 in Anaheim tonight.


With the Red Sox down 1-0 in the 7th, the Red Sox found a way past the Angels when Jed Lowrie put up his second double of the night, scoring Darnell McDonald. Playing second base in place of injured Dustin Pedroia, Lowrie had two doubles in the game and made his impact on the team.


Adrian Beltre also added an RBI, the final run on the result of an error by second basemen Howie Kendrick on a ground ball by David Ortiz. Speaking of David Ortiz, the big man showed some big hustle, scoring from first on a hit to right center by Adrian Beltre.

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Jonathan Papelbon also recorded his 24th on the season, ending the game on a ground ball to Marco Scutaro, taking two straight from the Angels and gaining a game on the Yanks. Yay!



7th Inning Stretch: An Update on Tonight’s Game

Jed Lowrie has played hero tonight putting up a two run double in the seventh with two outs.


With the Sox down 1-0 in the seventh and time running out, stand in second basemen (and my favorite player) Jed Lowrie, belted his second double of the game, driving in both Darnell McDonald and Marco Scutaro. The two runs put John Lackey in a good position to win his 10th game and his first win in the month of July.


Giving up only one run, and RBI double to Bobby Abreu, John Lackey has pitched well, going for his 10th win of the 2010 season. After many offensive opportunities for the Sox gown down the whole, Lackey got the offensive support he needed in the 7th inning off Lowrie’s double. Also shining in tonight’s game is Darnell McDonald, who was not expected in the lineup but was scratched in as JD Drew was taken out with left hamstring stiffness.


So far going 2 for 2 with a double, single, and a walk, the late lineup scratch has shown he is ready whenever you need him. Though the Red Sox were not totally error free so far in the game, they have made the plays when they needed to be made. With the game tied 0-0, Marco Scutaro took a sharp ground ball, whizzing it to home to tag Juan Rivera and keep the tie ball game going.


Other notes from the game:
– Jered Weaver went 7 innings with 8 strikeouts, and was replaced by Kevin Weaver
– John Lackey had 4 3-2 counts, walking only of them
– Jeremy Hermida made an error in left field, and was replaced by Eric Patterson

Ortiz Regains Home Run Derby Form as he Belts Two

With the Boston Red Sox desperate for a win, they found a hero in someone, who has played the role of ‘hero’ before.


With a 6-3 win in their pocket, the Red Sox can now look to the bright side of things:
– Victor Martinez added an RBI, making his return from a thumb injury.
– David Ortiz is now back to the form he was when he belted 32 home runs to win the HR Derby
– Clay Buchholz when seven strong innings.
– The Red Sox managed to play well against Dan Haren, the Angels newly acquired ‘ace’


In the absence of Martinez, Red Sox catchers had been hitting at a .162 clip, a statistic that should change as Martinez regains his true all-star form. Just coming off the DL with a broken thumb, Martinez’s impact was immediately felt. He ended the game going one for four with an RBI, hitting .288 on the season.

The next star awaited to make his return soon is Dustin Pedroia. But don’t ask about a rehab assignment; he doesn’t want one.


Other news:

– Matt Garza threw a no-hitter so the Sox are still five behind in the wild card race.
– The Yankees beat Cleveland 3-2, so the Sox are still 8 behing the Yanks.
– Kevin Youkilis actually had a stolen base!